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The Houston Texans haven’t shown us much through the second day of OTAs, however here is what we know so far about the 2016 roster. We attended the press conference where Head Coach Bill O’Brien spoke about the team and discussed several positions:

1. Tight ends : Coach Bill O’Brien seems content with  the multiple type of tight ends on the roster. Coach explained the difference in the skill sets and how each guy fits into the equation and
all are asked to do different things in this offense. Denham and Anderson are  the type that  can be used to create mismatches in the gameplan and that makes both of them valuable to the offense. Although they may lack in pass blocking skills, they can force a opposing defense to switch from their base formation to a nickel or dime package for example.

2. Lamar Miller addressed the media and spoke about his excitement with working with Osweiler and this offfense
He made it clear that he’s a “team guy” and will do whatever is asked of him in this offense

3. Regarding Tackle David Quesenberry, Coach O’Brien made it clear that the plan is to keep DQ in the fold in the Texans organization, however not as an active member of the roster. Coach O’brien felt as if his treatments would not allow him to compete in camp and thus he made the difficult decision to release him with hopes that he clears waivers and returns to the Texans as a non-football injury designation.

4. J. J. Watt addressed the concerns about his injuries and reassured everyone that he is 100% and is ready for camp. There was an akward exchange from a reporter who asked Watt about his thoughts on women gawking at his photo on social media, however Watt handled it with class as usual. Fortunately he seems to be more focused on football than some of our peers in the media are.

OTAs will continue next week and we will be there with another update on Monday.

Richard Walker
Hoop Jargon/BTP Sports

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