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Part one covered the American League, now my preview of the National League aka The Senior Circuit.

National League


  1. Washington 2. NY Mets 3. Miami 4. Atlanta 5. Philadelphia


  1. Chicago Cubs 2. St. Louis 3. Pittsburgh 4. Milwaukee 5. Cincinnati


  1. LA Dodgers 2. San Francisco 3. Arizona 4. Colorado 5. San Diego

Wild Cards: San Francisco, St. Louis

Teams to Watch Out For: Arizona (their starting pitching has a lot of potential that has not been realized)

NL MVP: Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs

CY Young: Max Scherzer, Washington

Comeback Player: AJ Pollock, Arizona

Breakout Player: Jameson Taillon, Pittsburgh

Five Interesting Things to Watch

  1. Will the fun ride in Chicago continue: Coming off their first World Series win in over 100 years, the Cubs are stacked again with talent.  There could be a hangover, but I like their lineup and their pitching is still very solid. I have a couple of questions about the bullpen, but overall this team will be in the hunt again.
  2. Will the Dodgers and the Nationals reach their potential: Both teams are solid and have had the pieces to be the kings of the National League, but something always seem to get in their way.  Is this the year that either one takes the next step?
  3. The Mets: A popular playoff pick for sure, but I have some questions about them. Can their rotation stay away from injury? Is their offense good enough?  Do they have a reliable enough closer in Jeurys Familia?  These are some real legit questions that Mets fans should have.
  4. What shrewd moves will teams like St. Louis and San Francisco make: Both teams are still pretty good, but I feel as if both teams could stand to make a move if they are still in the playoff race later on in the season. The Cards could probably use some starting pitching, and the Giants might could use another outfielder.
  5. What do the Dodgers get out of their rotation besides Clayton: Kenta Maeda had a solid rookie year.  Rich Hill was great, but he is 37 and only threw 110 innings last season. Hyun Jin-Ryu has not pitched a lot in the last two seasons, Brandon McCarthy and Alex Wood are “fliers” in my belief, and Scott Kazmir starts the year on the DL.  Some questions indeed, but if those guys are “average” the Dodgers should be OK.





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