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Jameis Winston is one of the most controversial athletes of the year.

The Florida State star is regarded as of the two best quarterback prospects in the draft alongside Oregon’s Marcus Mariota. However, the 21-year-old comes with off-the-field history. Back in 2012, Winston was accused of sexually assaulting a female FSU student. In December 2014, he was cleared of any violation of Florida State’s student conduct code.

In an interview with ESPN The Magazine‘s Kurt Streeter, Winston responded to his critics.

From ESPN:

“So many people try to dehumanize me,” he says. “They say, ‘Off-field issues.’ They say, ‘The sexual allegation stuff.’ People view me as a convict, and I didn’t even do nothing. People say, ‘How does he play like this and all this stuff going on?’ Like by me playing well during that adversity, that made people think about me worse, thinking I’m a sociopath … It [the allegations] hurts the women that I respect.””

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher also said he trusts Winston.

“I think I know him, but I think there’s a part of everyone that no one knows … But I’m gonna say this: I trust him. He has an ability with people to put them at ease.”

Read more about Winston over at ESPN.

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