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We have the correct match-up for our championship game in Tampa.  Alabama-Clemson I was fantastic and I see no reason why the rematch won’t be as good.  Both teams have playmakers on offense and defense and great coaching staffs.  In my preview, I look at each team’s position groups and see who has the advantage.


Advantage: Clemson (Significant, Watson has been here before. Hurts need to produce, especially early with short passes and QB run game.)

Running Back

Advantage: Alabama (Moderate, Two running backs are better than one and I don’t know if Gallman will be effective)

Wide Receiver

Advantage: Clemson (Signifcant, Alabama’s receivers have struggled lately)

Offensive Line

Advantage: Even

Tight End

Advantage: Clemson (Slight, Howard’s productivity depends on Hurts’ execution in the passing game)

Defensive Line

Advantage: Alabama (Moderate, Clemson’s front four is underappreciated though)


Advantage: Alabama (Signifcant, Alabama’s linebackers ability to play in space is the difference for the Tide defensively this year.)

Defensive Backs

Advantage: Alabama (Slight, the Tide secondary can be attacked in man coverage)

Special Teams

Advantage: Even 


Advantage: Alabama (Moderate, the departure of Kiffin could be trouble for the Tide however)

Prediction: As much as I want to believe in Clemson, I will go with Alabama in a lower scoring game than probably expected.  Tide 24-21


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