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1. Dallas is good NOW, but let’s play a few more games. It’s going to be Romo’s decision on if he plays again.

Dak will probably be the most popular backup in recent NFL history when Romo returns.

2. The Giants will be inconsistent until late in the season, then Eli will show you that he’s worth some of the money he’s being paid then show you why you’d want to get rid of him–often within the context of the same game.

3. The Eagles will be back and will hover just over .500 this season.

4. The Redskins are the Redskins because–they care more about division titles than playoff wins, or appearances for that matter.

5. The Bears are the manifestation of Jay Cutler’s emotions and won’t be good till he leaves.

6. The Lions are just bad enough to keep a coach around for a while but bad enough to fire him at the same time. Stafford will always have good numbers because half the time he’s digging himself out of his own mess.

7. The Packers‘ chickens have come home to roost and either something is personally wrong with Rodgers, or the rumors of his inability to efficiently adhere to an offensive game plan are NOT exaggerated.

8. The Vikings should scare everyone, not because of Sam, but because they can suck the life out of you defensively. The only team that makes a 7 point team routinely appear to be a 21 point lead.

9. The Falcons need to play this well into this fall’s temperature changes.

10. The Panthers are basically playing a first place schedule against the NFL and the bad karma they’ve built up for the past 2 seasons. Cam is Cam again and despite the prevailing opinions, they won many games last year in spite of Cam’s play. Not happening this year. Fight me.

11. The Saints: They just have to manage to stop you once or twice on defense. That’s all.

12-13. The Buccaneers, Dolphins: No one will ever take a Florida team seriously–at any level.

14. The Cardinals will never go anywhere with Palmer as the QB and it seems everyone is coming around on the realization that this team isn’t as good as ‘all or nothing’ would have you believe.

15. The Rams: Jeff Fisher .. need I say more.

16. The 49ers need to clean house. And that includes all the stadium personnel.

17. The Broncos: Have resorted to holding to slow the opposing defensive rushers. Unfortunately, those are penalties in civilized football until otherwise noted.

18. The Chiefs have done everything in their power to make you think that they are doing everything right over in the mid-west .. but have 0 to show for it.

19. The Raiders are still sprinting out of the shadows of the past 20 years and Al Davis.

20. The Chargers will largely be non factors. People hate on them simply because Rivers is just that much of an unlikable person and if karma caused injuries .. well .. they shouldn’t be surprised.

21. The Texans never fail to let you know that Houston teams are cursed and that Brock will never live up to the contract he got. Add an aging Watt, they might have enough minuses for the Colts to think they have a chance at the division.

22. The Colts are a textbook example of why o-lines and running games are important. Plus, the coaching staff needs a revamp. Luck is practically a walking infirmary–at least he and Anthony Davis have THAT in common, among other things.

Colt's Luck in familiar territory on the turf.
Colt’s Luck in familiar territory on the turf.

23-24. The Titans and Jaguars are only here just to fill out the worst division in football.

25. The Steelers will be contenders again–if not for injuries, weed and big ben’s knees ..

26. The Browns have never really been a good franchise. Honestly. Not really sure why they still have a team.

27. The Bengals’ Marvin Lewis keeping his job all these years is probably the most amazing thing about them.

28. The Ravens are somewhere between good and bad but have always have enough leadership at key positions to fall on the good side. Not many teams scare me like them, especially if they are down late in ball games.

29. The Jets are at a crossroads .. no QB in the future, aging defensive players with huge contracts and under performing talent on both sides of the ball. Only question is this really odd feeling you get when your head coach is questionably in support of Fitzpatrick.

30. The Bills are a few injuries away–losses–from Rex Ryan being right back on the hot seat. Ahab will indeed go down with the ship.

31. The Patriots will always be in every title talk, ever.

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